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Big Bear Charter Fishing

We have provided thousands of families and fishermen from all over the world their fishing dream. Our company can assist individuals, families and groups up to 30 people. From our four boats and three guides we can provide fishing options for almost everyone. Kids are our specialty and we’re a pet friendly boat. Drinks and snacks provided.

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Sporting Goods Fishing store

Today we are helping 3rd generation customers whose Grandfathers walked the same wood floor and swapped stories with the man behind the counter, while listening for the sounds of our Ghost! Big Bear Sporting Good has always been owned and operated by locals and their families, whose customers were neighbors and visitors alike.

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Big Bear Boat Renting

North Shore Landing has everything you need to make your vacation getaway this season in Big Bear Lake at 7,000 feet. We have one person, two person and three person Jet Ski, Waverunner and Sea Doo rentals ready for you!

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