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Off Roading

Big Bear Off Roading routes

For year-round, off-roading adventure in Big Bear, you can head into the forest in your own 4X4 vehicle or join an off-roading tour with Big Bear Jeep Experience. Exploring the forest roads in Big Bear in your own vehicle is certainly fun, but if you’re not super experienced or a little unsure, try a guided off-road tour first. Big Bear Jeep Experience lets you take the wheel to explore the ridges, canyons, and meadows of the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains in a fully equipped Jeep. A lead guide stays in contact with your group during the whole tour. There are a several off-road tours to choose from including sunset tours, stargazer trips, and historic tours.

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Off Roading Tours

At BBJE you rent and drive our Jeeps and follow their guides in a separate guide Jeep, on Big Bear’s exciting, challenging and history filled trails. Your guide will be in communication with you via 2-way radio the entire trip. The guides will be narrating the trip talking about indigenous plant and wildlife, mining history, off-road techniques, or our favorite subject talking about the Jeep’s. While on our trips we will stop at the scenic and historic locations for photos. We encourage our guest to bring cameras, cell phones, go-pros or whatever device they would like to get photos. Their guides will even use your device to get photos of you driving over obstacles or with you group at an amazing location! Make sure you check out their website and prices, you do not want to miss out! By the way the description above has been copy from Big Bear Jeep Experience.com

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