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The Holcomb Valley Pinnacles are located just north of Big Bear Lake in the eastern end of the scenic Holcomb Valley, an area rich in history and diversions for the outdoor enthusiast. Popular for it’s numerous sport routes, this area is a moderate mecca with 75% of the 400+ routes being 5.10 and under in difficulty.

Although the elevation of the Holcomb Valley Pinnacles (HVP) ranges between 7400-7600 feet it’s not just a summer climbing area, with good climbing available all year-round depending upon the severity of the winter. Summers can sometimes be hot, making those shady climbs all the more attractive, while early and late season climbing can be ideal with relatively few climbers and few distractions but the sound of the wind in the pines.

The rock at the Pinnacles is a heavily-featured granite that ranges in quality from excellent to fair with the majority of it being quite good. Routes that look difficult often go at a moderate grade because of the highly-featured rock – a good example of this is the popular Coyote Crag.

Rock Climbing in Big Bear

There is not too much I can say about climbing up here, you have hundreds of climbing routes, a few multi-pitch too, all the way to a 5.12b the "Crematorium" and if there are harder ones I did not find them YET. Can't say more than check the website of Mountain Project, you will find all you need there and GOOD LUCK! Always use a Helmet!! and let me know I might join you.