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Taking a trek into the open country via snowshoes or cross-country skis is one of the best ways to enjoy the true bliss of Big Bear Lake’s picturesque winter scenery. This is a great way to escape the crowds and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the natural winter wonderland. Picnic lunches go hand-in-hand with snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, enhancing the outdoor adventure. Snowshoes and cross-country, steel-edged skis can be rented at various sporting goods stores throughout Big Bear. There are many trailheads throughout the Big Bear valley too and as an option you always can get a guided tour too if needed, below you will find all you need to know and helpful websites.

Snowshoeing in Big Bear

Snowshoeing up here is pretty much a free activity If you own Snowshoes! Click in the button below and it will take you to a website that you can read and will give you great hints of places and trails. As always make sure somebody knows where are you going, how long it will take and the route you will take. Have a fully charge cell phone, be smart and don't waste the battery. Food, water, fire starter and emergency shelter if you can, just in case! If you know nothing about it, see below the other options we are sharing with you!


Snowshoeing Excursions

If you are not feeling confident that you can do this on your own, you can always reach Action tours in Big Bear. They will take you in a guided tour through the most beautiful Big Bear trails to experience and enjoy the real Mountain living experience through snowshoeing and backcountry activities in a safe and controlled environment, safety should always be a concern but with Action tours you won't need to worry too much about it!


Ski Haus Store

They carry top name brands for rentals like Salomon, Head, & Rossignol. They also have a complete line of cross country equipment, snow shoes, helmets & clothing for rent. They sell and rent everything you could ever need or want for the harsh winter environment, from pants, jackets, gloves, snow boots & more, all at discount prices. To supply your need for adventure we also sell many types of winter snow toys! They even offer group & active duty military discounts on rentals!!!