Things to Do

Get Ready for a Memorable Vacation in Big Bear

Oktoberfest is here… from September through November 2023
To buy tickets go to Big Bear Events.

Big Bear Lake also has excellent restaurants. We’ve showcased some of the best restaurants in Big Bear for you to visit during your stay.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits With Tons of Things To Do

With tons of activities and the 600,000-acre San Bernardino National Forest at your disposal, Big Bear is the perfect spot to get away.

From hiking and off-road vehicle trails to Bear Mountain & Snow Summit for year-round fun, you won’t want for anything during your visit. Don’t forget all the incredible wildlife that calls this area home as well – from the American Bald Eagle to bears, deer, foxes, chipmunks, wild burros, big horned sheep, and more – you’re sure to see some amazing wildlife while visiting Big Bear.

With plenty of outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, zip-lining, mountain biking, water sports, kayaking, fishing, snowshoeing, sledding, ATV trails, and more… you’ll never run out of things to do and places to explore.

Not to mention, Big Bear Lake is one of a kind. Nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains at an impressive altitude of 6,743ft above sea level. The lake’s expanse measures 7 miles east to west and the width averages 1⁄2 mi north to south giving it 22 miles of shoreline. Big Bear Lake depths reach up to 72ft in some areas near the dam and, when full, holds 73,320 acre-feet of water (1 acre-foot of water is 326,000 gallons). It’s a dream destination for all avid water sports enthusiasts, come and witness this stunning panorama for yourself.

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