Welcome to SoCal Vacations

We created SoCal Vacations in hopes of connecting families and couples with their dream vacation rental here in Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City, Fawnskin, Sugarloaf, and all of the surrounding areas of our little mountain valley.

You’ll love SoCal Vacations if any of this resonates with you:

You love the mountains and fresh air
– You enjoy being on and around our beautiful lake
– You are excited to go skiing and snowboarding
– You can’t get enough of the outdoors
– You love to hike and explore the forest
– You enjoy the “small town feel”
– You enjoy shopping at family-owned shops
– You relish peace and quiet
– You just want to relax and get away from it all

Our goal at SoCal Vacations is to help you find the perfect cabin rental for your stay.

About SoCal Vacations

SoCal Vacations is locally owned and operated by 3 families who combined have over 40 years of realty and hospitality experience. It was founded in 2020 with the goal of bringing the best and most high-quality homeowner partners together with the best and most high-quality guests.

Our friendly staff is second to none as we truly value our guests and homeowner partners. We deeply believe in providing the best customer service possible. In order to ensure this, we hold ourselves, our guests, and our homeowner partners to the highest standards. This brings peace of mind through high standards and helps to create enjoyable vacation experiences that create lifelong memories with family and friends.

John Porter in a white shirt and blue blazer standing in front of an aged barn door.

John Porter


With strong family ties to Big Bear spanning over a half-century, John has fond memories of his childhood spent in this picturesque area that he now proudly calls home. After earning his degree from Long Beach State University in Criminal Justice, he was driven toward success and chose Real Estate as his path. This commitment propelled him forward into opening up one of the most successful property management businesses around with customer service standards unparalleled by any other company. His mission remains focused on providing future generations an opportunity to make their own special moments within this community just like those he experienced during his youth. His high standards have led him towards success within this field while also allowing him to form strong relationships between guests and local businesses alike due to the unparalleled customer service and hospitality offered by John’s team.

Gary Doss in a blue sweater standing in front of an aged barn door.

Gary Doss


Gary is a man of many talents. He served our wonderful country as an officer in the US Air Force for many years and retired as a Captain. Gary then made a career change and became a Real Estate agent and leads one of the nation’s top real estate teams here on the mountain. Gary loves consulting investors through the complex decision-making process in choosing the right vacation home. More importantly, he has nearly two decades of experience consulting homeowners on how to maximize their returns on their valuable investment. Gary applies the skills he learned in the military to his Real Estate business on a daily basis, and always strives to provide excellent customer service. He is professional and friendly, and always puts his clients first.

Agustin Florido in a long sleeve white shirt standing in front of an aged barn door.

Agustin Florido


With two decades of hospitality and tourism industry experience under his belt, Agustin is a dynamic force in the world of real estate. His impressive range – from customer service to management roles- was only further bolstered by his master’s degree in business administration from Fasta University. Whether you need expert advice on your next housing investment or help with renting out your home, tap into Agustin’s proven skillset for reliable results!


We are here to service you! Our world-class service goes above and beyond to both meet and exceed your expectations.


We strive to bring you the best quality properties and amenities to ensure you have a comfortable and memorable stay at each of our locations.


Integrity – we do what we say we’re going to do.
Honesty – we don’t lie.
Trust – we’re in it with you.

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