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About Us

SoCal Vacations is locally owned and operated. We are a team of three families that bring diverse business strengths to SoCal Vacations, between the 3 of us we have over 40 years of service to our clients in the Real Estate market and in the hospitality industry. We are all professionals and looking forward to bring a new, tech family oriented company to Big Bear, to raise up the level of service and quality our visitors and owners need.

Mission Statement

At SoCal Vacations we strive to provide homeowner partners with peace of mind through high standards of service and home care and to provide guests with exceptional customer service and enjoyable vacation experiences that help create lifelong memories with family and friends. Our friendly staff and innovative management are efficient and cost effective, providing value to homeowners, customers, and guests.


Bringing passion, people, technology and properties together to shape the residential property management industry. We set the standard for customer service and believe in the HEART Principles: [H] is for Human Relations – Interact and communicate effectively. [E] is for Execution – Formulate a strategy and plan of action to complete tasks. [A] is for Accountability – We are accountable for our actions. [R] is for Retention – Ensures successful relationships with co-workers and clients. [T] is for Time – Managing time efficiently with resources to achieve positive results.

Core Values

The core values from which we define our company culture and brand are: All relationships matter; Do more with less; Be passionate and determined; Communicate with clarity; Deliver world class experiences through service; Build a positive team and family spirit; Commitment to excellence; Integrity to do what you say; Call people by name; Say “please” and “thank you” and really mean it.!


Meet the owners


John Porter


Gary Doss


Agustin Florido