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Backcountry Skiing

You don’t need to go to a ski resort to get the downhill thrill. There’s snow covering the San Bernardino Mountains all around Big Bear. What’s the catch? To get there requires a hike, knowledge and a sense of adventure. Sorry, no chairlifts available.

Sugarloaf, Butler Peak and yes, even ol’ Greyback, are favorite locations for Big Bear’s small but enthusiastic group of ski mountaineers. 

Backcountry Skiing

If you are reading this, means that you are a high skilled skier with Backcountry experience, otherwise you should be looking at the Skiing section only! I'm sorry but Backcountry skiing has his challenges and needs to be done for experienced skiers and backcountry people. Just click in the link below and it will take you back to the skiing section. As always, any backcountry person knows that you NEED to carry with you Beacon, Prove and Shovel in any backcountry activity you plan on doing. Find a partners don't go alone and I'm sorry I do not have a website to share with you about Backcountry up here.

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