Vacation Rental Seasonal Decor Tips

Few things are as important as your vacation rental’s seasonal decor. As the seasons change, so should the ambiance of your vacation rental.

Seasonal decor not only keeps your property looking fresh and inviting but also enhances the guest experience by creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding environment.

We share insightful tips and ideas on how to infuse seasonal charm into your rental property. From spring refreshes to winter wonderlands, discover how seasonal decor can transform your property into a year-round haven for guests.

Embracing a Mountain Theme Transition

Switching up the theme to match the mountains as the seasons roll by can make your rental a cozy and memorable nook for your guests. Here’s a little roadmap to keep that mountain allure alive and kicking:

Natural Essentials:

  • You can never go wrong with natural elements. Wood, stone, and plants, whether they’re real or faux, are your pals. They bring in that rugged, fresh mountain vibe right into your space. Consider wooden furniture, stone countertops or even a stone fireplace to cozy up beside.

Rustic Accents:

  • Rustic decor is like a handshake from the mountains. Think of wooden frames, wrought iron fixtures, or vintage lanterns. They’ll whisper the serene tales of the mountains into the rooms.

Outdoor Havens:

  • Your outdoor space is the front row seat to the mountain scenery. Comfy seating, fire pits, and nature-inspired decor are the tickets for your guests to this show. Perhaps add a hammock or two, and some fairy lights to set a whimsical mood as they star-gaze into the cool nights.

Warm Textures:

  • Warm textures are like a cozy hug amidst the chilly mountain air. Blankets, cushions, and rugs are your go-to. The more they mesh with the mountain theme, the cozier the ambiance. Think earthy colors, plush fabrics, and maybe even some faux fur throws.

Local Artistry:

  • Showcasing local art is like having a piece of the mountain’s soul right in your rental. Local artisans often reflect the beauty and culture of the region in their creations. It could be paintings, pottery, or even fabric arts like woven rugs or quilts.

Seasonal Additions:

  • Each season brings its own flavor. Autumn leaves, snowflakes, or blooming wildflowers can be sweet seasonal nods within your decor, all while keeping the mountain theme steady and strong.

Year-Round Mountain Appeal

Keeping the mountain charm sparkling through the year is like having a year-long festivity. Here’s how to keep the mountain charm steady as the seasons waltz by:

Neutral Palette:

  • Earth-toned colors are your canvas. They transition seamlessly between seasons while keeping the mountain spirit alive and well.

Natural Materials:

  • Besides wood and stone, leather is another buddy. It adds a rich, warm texture that sings in harmony with the mountain theme.

Seasonal Mountain Accents:

  • Winter: Think of a cozy cabin. Plush throws, warm lighting, and rustic decor will do the magic.
  • Spring/Summer: Wildflowers in vases, bright but earth-toned textiles, and outdoor recreational gear like bikes or kayaks could be fun additions.
  • Autumn: Warm textiles and decor inspired by the changing foliage will bring autumn right indoors.

Local Charm:

  • Decor or artwork from local artisans, or items embodying the local mountain culture and scenery, can add a quaint charm.

Indoor-Outdoor Connectivity:

  • Large windows, comfy outdoor furniture, and outdoor heating for the colder months can erase the boundaries between the indoors and the majestic outdoors.

Mountain Ventures:

  • A little guide or some discounts for local mountain activities like hiking, skiing, or mountain biking could be the cherry on top for your guests’ mountain adventure.

By keeping a mountain ambiance and embracing each season’s unique charm, you’re not just offering a place to stay, but a delightful experience that dances to the rhythm of the mountains all year round.

Harvest-Themed Decorations

As the leaves change color and the air gets a bit chilly, bringing in harvest-themed decorations can really cozy up your rental property. This means adding things like pumpkins, corn stalks, and autumn leaves to your decor, creating spaces that celebrate the bountiful spirit of the harvest season. It’s not just throwing in some autumn items; it’s about making a theme that blends well with the natural surroundings, offering a festive and joyful space where guests can celebrate the harvest season.

To really bring in the harvest theme, you might want to work with local artisans to create unique and authentic autumn decorations.

Pumpkins and Gourds:

Displaying pumpkins and gourds of various sizes and colors can instantly bring a touch of autumn to your rental.

Corn Stalks:

Place corn stalks by your entrance or create a beautiful arrangement in a vase.

Autumn Leaves:

Use faux autumn leaves as table runners or centerpieces, or string them up as a garland.


Choose candles in warm autumnal colors or scents like cinnamon and pumpkin spice to cozy up the space.

Warm Lighting:

As the days shorten, add warm lighting to create a cozy ambiance.

Rustic Decor:

Incorporate rustic elements such as wood and burlap to celebrate the harvest season.

Winter Wonderland

As the world dons a blanket of snow and the air fills with the scent of pine, it’s time to transform your vacation rental into a magical winter wonderland. This section is dedicated to helping you craft spaces that resonate with the festive and cozy spirit of winter, offering tips on festive decorations, creating a cozy atmosphere, and recommending winter activities that create a snug and enchanting ambiance.

Creating a winter wonderland is not just about adding festive elements; it’s about developing an atmosphere that resonates with the joy and serenity of winter. It’s about crafting spaces that invite relaxation, enjoyment, and wonder, allowing your guests to fully immerse themselves in the magical spirit of the season.

Festive Decorations:

Incorporate twinkling lights, ornaments, and wreaths to create a festive and joyful ambiance.

Cozy Atmosphere:

Include soft blankets, plush pillows, and warm rugs to make spaces feel cozy and inviting.


If possible, having a fireplace with a stock of firewood can provide a warm, cozy atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

Hot Cocoa Station:

Set up a hot cocoa station with various toppings for guests to enjoy.

Winter Activity Recommendations:

Provide a list of nearby winter activities such as sledding, ice skating, or local holiday events.

Holiday Movies:

Offer a selection of classic holiday movies for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Spring Refresh

When the cold retreats and spring arrives, your vacation rental deserves a little spruce up. Spring embodies a fresh start, making it the ideal time to infuse vibrant and refreshing elements into your space. In this section, we’ll explore a variety of ways to rejuvenate your rental property, from welcoming floral elements to prepping outdoor spaces for guest enjoyment. This way, your place will emanate a fresh and welcoming ambiance, in harmony with the spirit of spring.

Incorporating Floral Elements

A classic marker of spring is the emergence of colorful blooms. Bringing floral elements into your vacation rental can help mirror the outdoor rejuvenation.

Fresh Flowers:

Work with local florists to get fresh floral arrangements. Not only does this brighten up the space, but also supports local businesses.

Faux Flowers:

If maintaining fresh flowers seems too demanding, opt for faux flower arrangements that require no upkeep.

Floral Prints:

Swap some decor elements to those with floral prints. For instance, cushion covers, bed linens or curtains with floral patterns can add a spring-like feel.


Introduce indoor planters with seasonal blooms. If your rental allows for outdoor space, consider gardening as a spring activity your guests can enjoy.


Fresh Flowers:

Work with local florists to get fresh floral arrangements. Not only does this brighten up the space, but also supports local businesses.

Faux Flowers:

If maintaining fresh flowers seems too demanding, opt for faux flower arrangements that require no upkeep.

Floral Prints:

Swap some decor elements to those with floral prints. For instance, cushion covers, bed linens or curtains with floral patterns can add a spring-like feel.


Introduce indoor planters with seasonal blooms. If your rental allows for outdoor space, consider gardening as a spring activity your guests can enjoy.


Work with local florists to get fresh floral arrangements. Not only does this brighten up the space, but also supports local businesses.

Bright and Airy Textiles

The textures and colors of textiles play a big role in setting the ambiance.

Light Fabrics:

Swap heavier winter fabrics for lighter, breathable materials like cotton or linen in a pale or neutral palette.

Vibrant Colors:

Spring is synonymous with vibrancy. Introduce textiles in vibrant colors reflecting the blooming outdoors.

Outdoor Textiles:

If your rental has outdoor spaces, ensure there are comfortable outdoor cushions, hammocks, or picnic blankets for guests to enjoy the mild spring weather.

Outdoor Preparations for Guest Enjoyment

The mild weather encourages spending time outdoors. Preparing your outdoor spaces for guest enjoyment is a vital part of a spring refresh.

Garden Furniture:

Ensure your outdoor furniture is clean, in good repair, and ready for use.

Barbeque Area:

If there’s a barbeque area, have it cleaned and prepped with necessary tools.

Outdoor Lighting:

As the days lengthen, good outdoor lighting can help your guests enjoy evenings outside.

Nature-Friendly Amenities:

Consider adding bird feeders, a small birdbath, or even a bug hotel to bring a touch of nature right to your doorstep.

By reflecting the newness and vibrancy of spring both indoors and outdoors in your vacation rental, you create an inviting environment that guests will appreciate. Transitioning from the cozy mountain feel of winter to a brighter, lighter spring ambiance while maintaining that touch of mountain charm can indeed create a unique and pleasant experience for your guests.

Summer Vibes

As days stretch longer and temperatures climb, it’s the perfect cue to infuse your vacation rental with the energetic vibes of summer. This section is dedicated to transforming your space into a summer haven, brimming with beach-themed decor, cooling amenities, and outdoor entertainment options. This way, your guests can fully soak in the joyous spirit of summer.

Beach-Themed Decor

Creating a beach-themed decor can transport your guests to a serene and joyous coastal retreat.

Marine Colors:

Incorporate colors like blues, whites, and sandy tones in your textiles and decor items.

Nautical Accessories:

Add accessories like seashells, starfish, and nautical ropes to bring in the beachy feel.

Tropical Plants:

Plants like palm trees or ferns can enhance the beach vibe, even if they are faux.

Cooling Amenities

Help your guests beat the summer heat by providing cooling amenities.

Air Conditioning:

Ensure your air conditioning units are serviced and functioning properly.


Provide fans in each room for additional cooling.

Shaded Outdoor Areas:

Offer shaded areas outdoors for guests to relax away from the direct sun.

Outdoor Entertainment Options

Summer is synonymous with outdoor fun. Enhance your guests’ experience by providing outdoor entertainment options.

Grill Setup:

A ready-to-use grill setup can make for enjoyable outdoor meals.

Hot Tub:

If your rental has a hot tub, have it cleaned and ready with towels for guests to enjoy.

Outdoor Games:

Offer outdoor games like cornhole, horseshoes, badminton, or Bocce Ball for guests to enjoy. Consider creating a small putting green for guests who enjoy golf.

Nature Trails:

If there are nature trails nearby, provide maps and perhaps a small guide on local flora and fauna. The pine forests in Big Bear Lake offer miles of hiking and biking trails through changing landscapes, making it an ideal location for trail enthusiasts.


Offer bikes for rent or provide information on nearby bike rental stations for guests to explore the area.

Fishing Equipment:

If there’s a lake or river nearby, providing fishing equipment could be a great touch. Big Bear Lake offers a variety of water activities including fishing, with several marinas around the lake providing a wide range of rentals.

Picnic Setup:

Provide a picnic basket with utensils and a blanket for guests to enjoy a meal outdoors.

Local Adventure Activities:

Provide information or even discounts for local adventure activities like zip-lining, rafting or horseback riding. Big Bear Lake offers activities like zip-lining tours, off-road tours, and scenic tours around the lake.

Campfire Setup:

If allowed, a gas firepit setup can provide a memorable experience for your guests.

In addition to these, Big Bear Lake offers a variety of activities that guests might enjoy, such as scenic Segway tours through town and forest, small group scavenger hunt games, and game-guided walking tours. Providing information on these local activities could further enhance your guests’ experience.

By incorporating these elements, you transition your vacation rental into a summer paradise, allowing guests to make the most of the sunny season. The mountain charm can still be retained by juxtaposing rustic mountain decor with the lively summer additions, creating a unique blend that celebrates both the season and the location.

Transitioning to Other Seasons

The art of transitioning between seasons is about proactive planning, ensuring that each season’s decor flows seamlessly into the next, while still retaining the core mountain feel. As you venture through the seasons, remember to preserve the natural, rustic charm intrinsic to the mountain setting, complemented by seasonal touches that resonate with the changing times of the year.

In this dynamic realm of vacation rentals, keeping your property fresh and inviting throughout the year is a continuous endeavor. From spring refreshes to winter wonderlands, mastering the art of seasonal decor is a journey towards enhancing the guest experience, ultimately contributing to the success of your rental business.

Transitioning Between Seasons

As seasons change, so should the ambiance of your vacation rental. The art of transitioning between seasons involves careful planning and execution. In this section, we will explore various strategies to ensure a smooth transition between seasons, focusing on storage solutions, quick decor changes, and budget-friendly updates that keep your rental fresh and inviting all year round.

Transitioning between seasons goes beyond merely changing decor; it’s about creating a seamless experience for your guests, where each season brings a fresh and new ambiance that resonates with the time of year. It’s about crafting spaces that are adaptable and versatile, allowing for a smooth and effortless transition between different seasonal themes.

Storage Solutions for Seasonal Items

Create organized storage systems for seasonal items to ensure a smooth transition between seasons.Consider investing in storage units or dedicated space to keep seasonal decor when not in use. Having an organized system for storing seasonal decor is crucial for smooth transitions.

  • Dedicated Storage:
    • Have a dedicated storage area for seasonal items. Clear labels and containers can help keep things organized and easily accessible.
  • Inventory Checklist:
    • Maintain an inventory checklist to keep track of all seasonal decor items, ensuring nothing gets lost or forgotten.
  • Proper Packing:
    • Pack delicate or breakable items carefully to prevent damage.

Quick Decor Changes for Busy Seasons

Having a plan for quick decor changes can help in efficiently transitioning between seasons:

  • Reversible Decor:
    • Invest in reversible decor items with a different look on each side for a quick decor change.
  • Slip Covers and Throw Pillows:
    • Use slipcovers and throw pillows to easily change the look of furniture.
    • Have a set of decor items ready for quick changes, like slipcovers, curtains, or decorative pillows that align with the upcoming season.
    • Consider using reversible decor items that have a different look on each side for a quick decor change.
  • Budget-Friendly Seasonal Updates:
    • Shop local sales or thrift stores for unique, budget-friendly decor items.

Reuse and repurpose decor from previous years with a fresh twist, like painting or adding new embellishments. Keeping the transitions budget-friendly is equally important:

  • DIY Decor:
    • Engage in do-it-yourself projects to create unique decor items at a low cost.
  • Thrift Shopping:
    • Explore local thrift stores or online marketplaces for pre-owned decor items.
  • Upcycling:
    • Upcycle old or outdated decor items with a fresh coat of paint or new embellishments.

By being organized, proactive, and budget-conscious, you can ensure smooth transitions between seasons while keeping your vacation rental fresh and inviting. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful decor changes that highlight the beauty of each season, making their stay at your rental a memorable experience.

Maintaining a Year-Round Appeal

In the competitive landscape of vacation rentals, standing out by offering a unique and enjoyable experience to your guests is paramount. Transitioning your decor with the seasons while retaining a cozy mountain ambiance is a reflection of the meticulous care and attention to detail you invest. This delicate balance showcases a well-curated experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

As you delve deeper into the rhythm of seasonal decor transitions, encapsulating the essence of each season against the serene and rustic charm of the mountain setting becomes an art. The journey, with time, transforms into a rewarding aspect of managing your vacation rental, making each transition a delightful experience both for you and your guests. The cycle of refreshing your decor not only keeps your rental appealing but also resonates with the natural transition of the mountainous landscape, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Engaging with a community of like-minded vacation rental owners can be a treasure trove of insights and fresh perspectives. Sharing experiences and learning from others in forums or local communities can significantly enhance your approach towards seasonal decor transitions. It’s a platform for collaborative learning and idea exchange that can prove to be invaluable in refining your decor strategies.

In the ever-evolving realm of vacation rentals, the endeavor to keep your space fresh and inviting is ceaseless. Mastering the art of seasonal decor is not merely an aesthetic venture but an investment that underscores the success of your rental business. Every season offers a fresh canvas to enchant your guests with invigorating yet comforting decor transitions. From the budding blooms of spring to the cozy allure of winter, each season is an opportunity to rekindle the charm of your rental space.

For a deeper dive into strategies and actionable insights for your vacation rental, SoCal Vacations offers a comprehensive Home Owner’s Guide that is a reservoir of knowledge.

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